Tiny Love | TOYS & PLAY Tiny Love Meadow Days Double Sided First Book

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Tiny Love Meadow Days Double Sided First Book…

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Dual stage developmental baby book with 7 activities and two sides: one black & white the other colourful- ENCOURAGES BABY’S SIGHT with contrasting black & white design on one side perfectly suited to younger babies and colorful fun-filled design for older babies on the other.- EXTENDS TUMMY TIME with 7 fun activities that will help baby spend more time on the tummy, strengthening shoulder and neck muscles.- STIMULATES BABY’S SENSES with playful textures, contrasting shapes, and colorful characters that offer essential visual and tactile stimulation.- DEVELOPMENT ON THE GO: Easy to fold and take along wherever you go, for some fun and engagement on the go. Easily fits most bassinets.- LEARN MORE FROM OUR EXPERTS! Our products are carefully conceived to support babies’ growth and development. Take a look at our Age Tips tab to learn how you can use this product to encourage your baby’s development.- Part of the Meadow Days collection! Encouraging your baby’s development by inspiring Moments of Wonder.Age Tips:- 0-3+ months: THE SENSES – VISUAL STIMULATIONThe black & white side offers baby essential visual stimulation from day one. Place the book at a convenient distance from baby (8-12 inches) and let them try and focus their gaze on the contrasting shapes and the mirror.- 3+ months: FINE MOTOR SKILLS – FINGER & HAND MUSCLESBaby’s sight is already developed enough to enjoy the book’s colorful side and explore the various activities (satin ribbons, crinkly tail and more) while practicing fine motor skills.- 0-6+ months: GROSS MOTOR SKILLS – TUMMY TIMEBoth sides will engage and stimulate baby at earlier and later stages of development, helping extend tummy time. Place baby on the tummy with the book in reach and let them explore the toy with eyes, hands and mouth.- 3-6+ months: COGNITION – OBJECT PERMANENCEPlaying the peek-a-boo game is a wonderful way of helping baby begin to understand the idea of object permanence, realizing that things still remain where they are even if you can’t see them.
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